Finding Art in the Modern Lifestyle


"As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life."

By John Lubbock

The collection of objects shown on this page belongs to Petunia White, a 54-year-old self-proclaimed hoarder of trinkets, who describes these items as evidence of how ingrained art is within a modern lifestyle. The items vary between items of furniture, accessories, postcards and makeup, all items that are relatively small yet also accessible to the contemporary youth. This collection was assembled in response to what White describes as the ‘minimalist aesthetic’s vapid takeover of creative culture’ and proves how easy it can be to include some colourful, artistic variation in our day-to-day life.

Rose Tinted Glasses

Like the name suggests, White included these glasses due to their pink tint, decorative frames, and the general lighthearted-ness that they contribute to any appearance. As a popular accessory, White encourages for more interesting designs in not only glasses, but also other objects that are similarly essential to particular people’s lifestyles such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.

Van Gogh - A Miniature

White’s inclusion of a literal work of art in this collection, which attempts to normalise and encourage its incorporation into mundane life, is completely intentional. As a postcard, this visually inspiring artwork had been rendered appropriately accessible and most importantly, affordable for the common consumer.

The Blue Pocket

Through the globalisation of the international market, art from other cultures becomes increasingly more available to the public. White has included a Chinese purse in this collection for the sheer purpose of promoting the inclusion of such aesthetics. The purse is named ‘The Blue Pocket’ as a play on words – the red pocket is a staple in Chinese communities as ways to gift money to relatives and loved ones during the New Year. Through this, White attaches a literal expression of good will to the artfully designed purse.


Although obvious to some, White cites makeup as a medium that many people (especially men) woefully underuse as a method of creative expression. The shown eyeshadow palette displays a range of colours, which could all be used to create a range of artistically inspired looks.

The Atlantis Jewel

With such a spectacular name, you would think that this necklace would look a bit more impressive. However, White stands by its artistic merit. Made by hand from a piece of sea-glass and some left-over wire, White uses this necklace to showcase the wonders of DIY trinkets, encouraging people to make use of spare materials one might come across in their lives and transform them into works of art.

Tiger Eyes

Similar to ‘The Atlantis Jewel’, White’s ‘Tiger eyes’ earrings provide a classic example for more intricate artistic expression. Jewellery, and other forms of accessories, are a simple, yet underrated method of incorporating more visual variety into one’s life.

Writing in Gold

Splurging out on a fancy pen just to spice up the general boredom of writing in our day to day life might seem silly but Petunia White stands by it. Obviously as something presumably more expensive than the mundane sharpie, such an indulgence is not an option to everyone. However, what it represents, which is to find joy and creativity in all aspects of one’s life, is a universal message.

The Clock of Eisenguard

This addition to White’s collection is an example of incorporating for visual experimentation in furniture and other similarly essential parts of your home. As a product of a particularly adventurous romp in textiles, this clock has a special place in White’s heart and does a great job of sprucing up a once underwhelming room.